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STEP2 is a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program that provides women and their children suffering from chemical addiction, poverty and domestic violence the opportunity to rebuild their lives. The result is self-sufficient healthy families.


STEP2 is happy to boast a 63% success rate for our women battling addiction compared to the national average of 17%. People often wonder why women suffering from drug or alcohol addiction can’t simply clean up, get a job, and get their lives back on track. STEP2 has prepared the video below in order to help answer your questions and assist people in understanding why our program is successful. Please take a moment to watch:



How can I enter the STEP2 program? Call us at (775) 787-9411.  Call for a phone screening to start the process of getting into the program.

Clients are accepted regardless of race, gender, age, national origin, or religious practice(s) insofar as STEP2′s licensure allows. Special needs are reviewed case by case. For individuals who do not qualify per licensure requirements, we will make appropriate referrals to other insitutions that provide similar services.

for more information on getting into treatment, click here.

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